Joost Van Nispen @ Jornada EUROECOM 08


L’Anella have posted a video of Joost Van Nispen speaking at the Jornada Euroecam08.
Click here to watch (in Spanish)


21st Century Deception

When I was a kid I believed the future would be a tech paradise….
Standing in chaotic queue at the hospital, everybody crammed into a small space to keep their place while the seats are empty becuse there is no turn system
Why can’t the doc do this – he’s sending me to another doctor -why can’t he do the appointment from his computer instead of sending me to the disorganised queue for appointments
Holding 3 copies of the same paper – paperless office anyone? The paper has a sticker with a bar code…
Health centre and hospiital computers not linked so my old address appears from Barcelona – trivial but what about records in an emegency situation?

Please, please, please let Google organise the health adminstration because clearly the administrators now DO NOT KNOW HOW TO…

notes for a post, written on the iPhone from the Hospital Arnau in Lleida

Adam Greenfield: This Charming Man


Adam Greenfield

A couple of weeks ago I went to Madrid to meet Adam Greenfield and record a conversation with him for the PodCamp Barcelona Podcast. Listen to the audio above, or click on the photo to access the (more-interesting) “enhanced” recording. This is the first part of the conversation – I’ll post the second part shortly.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Adam for his time and being so approachable. If you ever get the chance to see Adam speak, take it – he is very interesting, stimulating, unassuming and an all-round charming man. Read his book Everyware to see how someone can write about complex ideas in beautiful, understandable language. And check out his blog Speedbird for more of the same great thoughtful and thought-provoking writing.